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Lean & Fit Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Loss

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Lean & Fit Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Loss
This 7 day meal plan is designed to introduce you to a healthier lifestyle while helping you lose weight and drop your body fat percentage through carb cycling.

*On high-carb days, you're stocking your calorie burning furnace so that on low-carb days your furnace burns fat! This pattern tricks your metabolism into burning calories even on those low-carb days.
Eating every 2-3 hours will also help boost your metabolism.

This is a downloadable PDF that includes the following:
-Meal Plan
-Grocery List
-Supplement Recommendations

Do not skip breakfast or your snacks!
Make sure you are setting yourself up for great results by preparing your meals ahead of time if possible so you have no excuses!

For the maximum results, follow for 30 days.

*If you are pregnant, nursing or have any health problems, please consult with your physician before beginning this meal plan.
*Do not consume foods that you are allergic to.

Weigh yourself and take your day 1/week 1 photos from the front, side and back and do the same thing for the next 30 days.

Also attached are suggested supplements that will help enhance your weight loss as well as energy.

If you have any questions, I am here to help you!
Simply email me

I am so excited for you to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle with me!

-Alexandra Safir

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